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August 24

TDD meets SOA

Started the 'Test Driven SOA 11g Development' series. Over the next few weeks (and months) I'll be getting to grips with SOA Suite 11g, and its BPM, Business Rules and Human Tasks functionality.

Since everything I do is test-driven, I'll be starting off the exercise with a test strategy.

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August 21

Hello World

Finally got round to installing Chyrp. Relatively pain free with Set up some basic pages, but I guess I need a thought for the day, and that would have to be a short comment on House of Suns, by Alistair Reynolds.

Reynolds has done something no other SF writer I've read has managed. He's created a device that gives his story a galactic scale without resorting to FTL travel. Instead, he uses cryogenics to impart a sort of pseudo-immortality on his characters; they live for millions of years (objectively) and travel several times round the galaxy.

This allows Reynolds to give his incredible story a much further reach in time than even Iain Banks' Culture novels. But its plausible. In fact, Reyolds has a very low 'loose end count' - machine intelligence, spaceship technology, terraforming, the rise and fall of civilisations - its all believable. I'm totally immersed.

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