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Finally got round to installing Chyrp. Relatively pain free with 34sp.com. Set up some basic pages, but I guess I need a thought for the day, and that would have to be a short comment on House of Suns, by Alistair Reynolds.

Reynolds has done something no other SF writer I've read has managed. He's created a device that gives his story a galactic scale without resorting to FTL travel. Instead, he uses cryogenics to impart a sort of pseudo-immortality on his characters; they live for millions of years (objectively) and travel several times round the galaxy.

This allows Reynolds to give his incredible story a much further reach in time than even Iain Banks' Culture novels. But its plausible. In fact, Reyolds has a very low 'loose end count' - machine intelligence, spaceship technology, terraforming, the rise and fall of civilisations - its all believable. I'm totally immersed.

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